Investment Planning

CPA services provided by Contryman Associates, P.C., Investment Adviser services are offered through Contryman Wealth Advisors

Provided by Contryman Wealth Advisors

Structuring and monitoring your assets to help accomplish your financial goals.

We spend the time to understand your goals and dreams. Then, we educate you about the investment process so that you will understand that investment planning focuses on your long-term goals and not on trying to outperform your neighbor or the S & P 500, or even a bank CD.

Contryman Wealth Advisors professionals determine your time horizon – how long before you will need an asset – and separate your assets into pools, allocating your investments based on those timelines. We can also help you define your risk tolerance, or how well you may handle declines in the value of your portfolio. We determine the long-term rate of return needed to accomplish your financial goals and evaluate your financial goals using return assumptions that match your risk tolerance.

We help you select a mix of asset classes that coincide with projected rates of return and your tolerance of risk for your entire portfolio over the long term. By diversifying the investments in your portfolio in a number of asset classes, you may achieve higher returns with less risk. Then we review your portfolio periodically or as your situation changes and rebalance it if necessary to assure that your assets are allocated appropriately to help meet your long-term goals.

Because our professionals have both business and financial exposure and training, you may receive a broader level of expertise than with other advisers. We have virtually unlimited access to different companies’ products so we can shop for products that meet your needs.

Many Contryman Wealth Advisors investment adviser representatives are CPAs with Contryman Associates, P.C., or other Certified Public Accounting firms, and as such, are required to provide a higher level of disclosure than some other investment professionals, to assure that you understand costs and services. We offer three different payment options so you can select the option that best suits you. Our extensive training and experience help ensure that we are knowledgeable. Just as with your accounting business, you can trust us to have your best interests in mind.


  • Meet with a Contryman Wealth Advisors representative to discuss your long-term goals and set your time horizons
  • We can help you determine your risk tolerance and discuss your concerns
  • We can help you make investment selections in a mix of asset classes selected based on your tolerance for risk
  • We meet periodically or when your situation changes to review your goals and rebalance your portfolio if needed