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CPA services provided by Contryman Associates, P.C., Investment Adviser services are offered through Contryman Wealth Advisors

Contryman Wealth Advisors, a financial planning and investment services organization, is wholly owned by Contryman Associates, P.C. We formed our organization in response to our clients’ requests to provide comprehensive wealth care services to better meet their financial needs. We offer an opportunity for our clients to receive investment advice that is tied to their broader goals-based planning while eliminating a possible disconnect between plan objectives and the implementation process.

Many of our investment adviser representatives and registered representatives are also Certified Public Accountants with Contryman Associates, P.C., or other CPA firms, which gives them both business and financial awareness. This combination of knowledge allows us to look at the “big picture” for each client. Our clients can receive a broad level of expertise from highly trained professionals without being charged for both the development of the comprehensive financial plan and again for implementation.

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